Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery

Guestbook and Dialogs

A really excellent website. You both have over the years, somehow embraced, in your individual work, the best elegance of each other. Amazing. Straight forward and lovely purity of colour. I won't name my favorites, but love Road Trip and Market Dreams...oops! Good Luck ahead...You are both superb artists and hope for more enrichments your way! Wendy H.
Wendy Hurst - 27 May 2023
So happy to have your art gracing my office wall where I can appreciate it every day :) Thank you Marilyn!
Cheryl Hall - 17 May 2021
Wonderful art Marilyn. Love your tree portfolio.
Debra James Percival - 28 Apr 2010
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