Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery


(posted on 24 Apr 2020)

Well, isn't this a fine turn of events?  Nothing could prepare us for this unprecedented shut-down of our normal way of life.  Not that life could ever be called normal but we do love our routines, work and familiar sights and sounds.

When we are finally able to return to "life' can you please please please think carefully about where you give your support and attention.  The box stores are doing just fine as are most large grocery shops, pharmacies and essentials and particularily,    Those not doing well are your local retail businesses.  Most have had no income but still have to honor their leases.  Chris & I of those who have had to stick it out without government support, and many others are like us.

Your local artists where ever you are have not faired well during this crisis.    At the best of times, art is misconstrued as luxury or special indulgence and I put to you that it is not.  Art is essential, for your soul, spirit and joy.

No matter what your income, orginal art is affordable and especially now, you can make an artists' day by finding something to raise yours and the artists spirit.  Buy art from artists in your community, please!

Please shop local for at least 60 days to help your neighborhood businesses. 

Thanks Marilyn