Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery


(posted on 26 Oct 2023)

It’s the day after International Artist Day and I’m reflecting on the world-wide response and it takes me back to the beginning of IAD, it’s inception so to speak.  The background is interesting in that it hadn’t been even conceived of before and it was our questioning of this very question that instigated the idea of IAD.

It was 2004 and Chris MacClure, my art/mentor/husband and I were having breakfast at the Baja Cantina, on the marina in Cabo San Lucas, before heading over to our studio/gallery (The Golden Cactus Gallery) for the day.  The TV monitors were on, as usual CNN blasting on about something or other when we heard the announcer pronounce it was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”!  After a little rant about the trivial mundane drivel the “world” gets all up about, we had a serious think about “our world of art” and why the public has so little interest in it.  

We assessed that it was a lack of education on the role art/culture of any kind plays in an individual or community life.  Somehow the arts have taken a back seat over the years, change is inevitable, but underling everything is a creative “spirit” unseen but bubbling up through those individuals who tap into it’s wellspring and bring forth the masterpieces which show us the ineffable life in a world which devolves into the mundane.  We have lost this knowledge and art is a vehicle to bring us up short and realize our own invisible, divine nature.

Chris went to the web and began the work to draw attention to artists and their work to bring the creations of the invisible to life.  This has been a personal task which he has undertaken with an amazing amount of patience and perseverance over 20 years as of next year.  No monetary rewards, hardly any recognition but he was determined to leave this legacy for artists in the hope that the arts will continue on in society despite the lack of real interest by the majority of the public. 

This year an amazing amount of interest has exploded on the world stage and more and more interest in countries, especially so called third world countries in preserving art for their cultures.  

If you are reading this blog you too can help support the arts.  Encouraging the arts, buying art, donating to museums, visiting national galleries these all tell the powers that be in charge that treasuring our artists is an important role government can play in supporting the arts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this