Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery


(posted on 12 Sep 2023)

A delightful young couple in their early 20’s dropped in yesterday, I was impressed by their interest in art as since we opened here, very few young people show any curiosity and sweep through here like they’re on a mission barely glancing at the artwork.  They loved an original and I made it affordable and they committed on the spot.  On chatting with them, they “get it” about art and why it is so important to them.  

Art takes us out of the “surface” of things, life, objects, ideas.  There’s lots to discuss about art, how the essence of a piece can reflect a mood, feeling, place or time and in fact is a timeless reminder of the real essence of life itself, as artists render the nothingness into something tangible.   

Art is not just decoration — in fact the major galleries of the world depict the history of civilization through the artwork of the artists in their time.   Since caveman days art has chronicled the struggles, loves and wars and everyday existence of our mortal lives.

Art takes appreciation and that takes time and attention, activities that can’t be quantified or qualified.  The internet can give you lots of information but seeing and experiencing can only be done in the flesh.

Coming on Oct. 25th is International Artist Day.  This day was chosen to honor artists and their contributions to our society in general.  May I suggest you help us celebrated this day by:

1. Visit a gallery or studio and or an artist.

2.  Take an artist to lunch or for glass of wine.

3  Buy that painting you had an eye on

4.  Watch a film on a famous artist or buy a biography on one.

5.  Visit the local art co-op and wish them a happy IAD.

6.  Check out the website for International Artist and learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and drop by soon to our studio.  Hugs m