Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery


(posted on 16 Mar 2023)

Almost 2 years have past since my last post.  WTH has happened to us?   Must be the baby boomer blahs.  We left our studio to find whatever we thought was missing and arrive back at the very same spot!  How’s that for irony ?   I think there’s a story about that, something about a holy grail.

Looking at the cold hard facts, we listened, not to our intuition, but to our minds, which truth be told got a little side-tracked what with the pandemic/economic side show.  The break was good for a time but we have had to admit we really did like what we were doing in our studio but fell prey to world opinions and went off on a Don Quioti-ish quest for “something better”.

Returning from Cabo this January, we cruised by the old “hood” and lo and behold there was a for lease sign in the window of our old studio!   Well we love the signs the universe sends us so frequently, even though we ignore them to our peril often, so,  long story short—-WE’ER BACK.

We’ll be up and running shortly after we take possession April 1st.  Drop in to visit.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone we’ve missed these past 2 years.