Marilyn Hurst - Canadian Artist
Golden Cactus Studio - White Rock Art Gallery


(posted on 25 Apr 2024)

Hello again, it's been awhile.  Sounds like a song doesn't it?  Been rather distracted these days, I don't know about all of you but is something going on we weren't told about?  We left our studio in late January, our landlady wanted to sell the unit and we could see things going south in the economy so we're back in our condo studio and though it's nice not to have a 7 day a week commitment,  we do miss the company of our fellow humans.  Where is everyone?  No doubt at home on the net ordering their necessities online---oh yeah we see them in the bars and restaurants occasionally, but not in the malls or on the streets supporting the retailers who likewise are no doubt wondering where everyone is.

The shift was imperceptible at first but I'm starting to see that a major, cataclysmic change is creeping upon us.  We're being "handled", manipulated and befuddled by sources unseen who are re-programing the matrix we've been living in and many of us are now waking up to this nefarious plot.  I'm just surprised that we're all so unaware that we've gone along with it without knowing.

This sounds like a conspiracy plot to many but take a look at the facts.

1. We can't get any real news anymore.  Everything is skewed to a motive or agenda or personal opinion.  Every news station parrots the same fodder, nothing seems to be fact=checked to any degree and everything seems to be personalized to the extent that people are vilified, condemned and judged without them having a hope of getting their story to the public.

2.  Ditto for social media.

3.  Ads and marketing seem to be the driving force behind absolutely everything.  Nothing appears to be  what it is, shills to make us spend, spend, spend especially through that behemoth Amazon.

4.  Behind the scenes the narrative is being manipulated, edited and skewed to put forth an agenda for whomever is paying the bill.

5.  Scripts of sorts are introduced online or in the media about what something, or someone is and this is then taken onboard as fact.  Millions buy into it as fact.  This is undeniable.

We don't know to what or where to turn to get the actual picture.  This is putting fear at the forefront and the effect is palpable. We don't know who to trust and therefore we trust no one.  

I do trust that there is a power that knows the way and I trust that, only.  Live without fear for ALL IS TRULY WELL'.  Somehow, when we least expect it, the answer comes, just as it has always done when all seemed lost.

Meanwhile I 'll watch, wait and paint my way through.   hugs Marilyn